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Patna to Lucknow Cab Service


Travelling from Patna to Lucknow cab service is an exciting journey, whether for business or leisure. The key to a memorable trip is reliable and convenient transportation, and that’s where Shivdeep Travels comes into the picture. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore everything you need to know about their taxi services, ensuring your trip is as enjoyable as it is convenient.

Why Choose Shivdeep Travels for Patna to Lucknow Travel Service

1. Unmatched Convenience

Shivdeep Travels is all about providing convenience. Travelling can be a hassle, but with their taxi service, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the journey. No more worrying about driving, parking, or navigating through unfamiliar routes.

2. Experienced and Trustworthy Drivers

When you choose Shivdeep Travels, you’re not just getting a taxi; you’re getting an experienced and trustworthy driver. Safety and punctuality are their top priorities, ensuring you reach your destination comfortably and on time.

3. Diverse Service Offerings

Shivdeep Travels offers a wide range of services to cater to your specific needs, including one-way trips, outstation cab services, round trips, airport transfers, and railway transfers.

Booking Patna to Lucknow Taxi with Shivdeep Travels

Booking your taxi with Shivdeep Travels is a seamless process, ensuring you enjoy a hassle-free travel experience. Here’s how:

  1. Online Reservations: Visit the Shivdeep Travels website to make your reservation. Their user-friendly platform allows you to choose your desired cab type from the comfort of your home.
  2. Customer Support: If you need assistance with your booking, you can call Shivdeep Travels at +91-7991940830. Their efficient customer support team is readily available to assist you with your travel requirements.

Types of Taxi Services Offered by Shivdeep Travels

1. Patna to Lucknow One-Way Taxi

For travellers seeking a one-way journey, Shivdeep Travels provides cost-effective one-way taxi services, eliminating the need for return travel.

2. Patna to Lucknow Outstation Cab Service

Planning an extended trip? Shivdeep Travels offers outstation cab services, ensuring your safety and comfort throughout the journey.

3. Patna to Lucknow Cab Service & Round Trip Taxi

For those who plan to return to their starting point, Shivdeep Travels offers round-trip taxi services, making your journey hassle-free.

4. Patna to Lucknow Airport Transfer

Travelling by air? Shivdeep Travels ensures prompt and comfortable airport transfers, simplifying your travel plans.

5. Patna to Lucknow Railway Transfer

For railway travellers, Shivdeep Travels provides efficient railway transfer services, so you can reach your destination without a hitch.

Things to Know About Patna and Lucknow


Patna is a city known for its historical grandeur, tracing its origins to ancient empires. Key attractions include Kumhrar’s archaeological marvels and the sacred Mahavir Mandir. The vibrant Chhath Puja festivities are a radiant tribute to the sun deity, and Patna’s cultural heritage offers a fusion of tradition and modernity.


Situated on the banks of the River Gomti, Lucknow exudes regal allure with its Nawabi legacy, elegant architecture, and delectable cuisine. Lucknow is famous for its succulent kebabs and aromatic biryanis. The city’s architectural marvels include Bara Imambara, reflecting Indo-Islamic artistry. Lucknow’s ‘Tehzeeb’ embodies refined grace celebrated through poetic eloquence, soulful music, and vibrant culture.

Explore the Best Places in Lucknow

  • Bada and Chhota Imambara
  • Rumi Darwaza
  • Gomti River Front
  • Shaheed Smarak
  • Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Memorial Park
  • State Museum Lucknow
  • La Martiniere College
  • Chhatar Manzil
  • Nawab Wajid Ali Shah Zoological Garden
  • Sri Ramakrishna Math
  • Lulu Mall
  • Phoenix Palassio
  • The Residency
  1. Patna to Lucknow Cab Service: If you require convenient and safe transportation from Patna to Lucknow, look no further. Shivdeep Travels offers a reliable cab service for your journey.
  2. Airport Taxi: For seamless airport transfers, our airport taxi service ensures you reach your destination comfortably and on time. We understand the importance of punctuality for your flight.
  3. Tempo Traveller on Rent: Traveling with a group? Rent a Tempo Traveller with us and experience comfort and convenience while exploring the city or embarking on a group trip.
  4. Patna to Lucknow Distance by Taxi Fare: Discover the sacred city of Lucknow with our taxi services from Patna. We offer competitive and transparent taxi fares, ensuring your pilgrimage is hassle-free.
  5. Patna to Lucknow Taxi Service: If you’re planning a visit to the historic city of Lucknow, our taxi service from Patna is at your disposal. Enjoy a comfortable ride with us.
  6. Best Car Rental Services: Shivdeep Travels is your go-to destination for the best car rental services in Lucknow. We provide a wide range of vehicle options to meet your specific needs.
  7. Kia Carnival on Rent: Experience luxury with our Kia Carnival rental service. Ideal for special occasions and events, our luxury cars will make your journey memorable.
  8. Innova Airport Taxi: For airport transportation, our Innova Airport Taxi service is efficient and reliable. We ensure you have a stress-free and comfortable journey.
  9. Car Rental One Day: Whether you need a car for a short trip or a one-day rental, we’ve got options that suit your requirements.

Contact Shivdeep Travels for Your Patna to Lucknow Taxi Service

At Shivdeep Travels, customer satisfaction is our top priority, and we strive to provide efficient and responsive customer support to address all your inquiries and concerns related to our services. Our dedicated team is readily available to assist you in meeting your specific travel requirements, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience.

Whether you have questions about our services, need assistance with booking, or require information on the most suitable travel options, our customer support team is here to help. Feel free to reach out to us at +91 930 552 7475 for prompt and reliable assistance in booking your taxi hassle-free.

At Shivdeep Travels, we are committed to delivering excellent customer service and ensuring that your journey with us is smooth and convenient. Call us now to experience the convenience of our services and secure your hassle-free taxi booking.


Q: How can I book a Patna to Lucknow taxi with Shivdeep Travels?

A: You can book a cab conveniently with Shivdeep Travels from their website or by calling +91 930 552 7475 for assistance with your booking.

Q: Can I book a car rental from Patna to Lucknow with Shivdeep Travels?

A: Yes, you can book a car rental from Patna to Lucknow with a driver at affordable rates with Shivdeep Travels.

Q: Which is the best route from Patna to Lucknow?

A: The best route from Patna to Lucknow is via Purvanchal Expressway, which is 502.9 km long and takes approximately 7 hours and 46 minutes to travel.

Q: What are the vehicle options available for Patna to Lucknow cabs with Shivdeep Travels?

A: Shivdeep Travels offers a diverse fleet of vehicles, including hatchbacks, sedans, SUVs, tempo travellers, and luxury cars.

Q: How long does it take to travel from Patna to Lucknow by road with Shivdeep Travels?

A: The travel time from Patna to Lucknow depends on the traffic, but it typically takes nearly 8 hours to reach Lucknow from Patna.

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